WILLKOMMEN IN DEUTSCHLANDsingle channel video (33:06 min.)2021
(In english: Welcome to Germany) is a collection of memories on which my grandparents look back to: 
In the early 1980s, they left the People's Republic of Poland together with their daughters to start a new life in the Federal Republic of Germany.  

The film consists of audio recordings of family conversations and anecdotes that arose from watching old video recordings together. The private VHS recordings themselves were filmed in the 90s and early 00s by my grandfather and show the new life in Germany, as well as the journeys to the old homeland in Eastern Poland (the former Eastern Prussia).

In the course of the film, a flow of memories emerges, which tell of living (and surviving) in the old and new homelands. 
The focus of the film thereby is less on a chronicle and much more on the "remembering" itself: Looking at, listening to and reflecting on such material as well as immaterial remnants of a life lived.

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