BORMAŠINAsingle channel video (07:00 min.)2023Bormašina (in German: Bohrmaschine) is a loanword that has become part of the colloquial language in many Balkan countries. 
It is a product of the guest and migrant workers who have been working and living in Germany since the 1960s. 
In my short film, a Yugoslavian drilling machine becomes the starting point of such a story:

In the early 70s, my grandma comes to Germany as a Yugoslavian guest worker. There she works as a cleaner and pieceworker in the watch industry. In the mid-1980s, she brought my father, who had grown up with his grandmother in Yugoslavia, to Germany. He brought a drill with him, which he handed over to me 40 years later. 
But when the machine is operated for the first time, there is a short circuit and the machine seems to be defective. 
From the attempt to repair the drill, a short film was created that deals with the question of which social and economic factors assign us our place in society.

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